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01. The Ask

The dealership was under new ownerships in 2019. They had hired a different advertising agency that spent huge money with little ROI. The Inspira Agency was brought in to review what they are current doing and what their areas of opportunities are to grow.
• Strategic Planning
• Channel Audit & Digital Marketing

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02. The Solution

A completed channel audit was executed along with research in regard to market share. A comprehensive plan was created for growth that was $20,000 less per month than the previous agency.

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03. The Result

They have hit record numbers in 2021, even during pandemic. There has been a huge focus on secondary markets and growth is happening in those. They hit the highest number of units in history in March of 2021.

The Inspira Agency is a great partner. They spend our money as if it was theirs. I know that their recommendations are based on results for our store.

Darren MatthewsGeneral Manager, Owner Matthews Kia of Cartersville
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