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We do it cross-channel, cross-device and cross-platform. In an increasingly complex world, brands can’t survive on siloed interactions. Gone are the days of mad men and martini lunches, replaced by data driven insights, sound strategic rationale, and ROAS. We tie everything we do to your bottom line – after all, isn’t that why you’re here?


A good marketing strategy helps companies identify their best customers. It also helps them understand consumers’ needs. With a good strategy, it is possible to implement the most effective marketing methods. We digest business intelligence, marketing goals, brand vision, and product logistics to provide best-of-breed execution plans tailored around increasing your reach. By determining what role marketing and sales plays within your organization, we then evaluate how best to link it with other areas of the business to achieve strategic goals. Our step-by-step, collaborative process produces a polished creative deliverable that encompasses everything about your brand.

The Inspira Agency services pair expertly-driven marketing strategy and campaign management with beautiful, custom tailored branding that matches your business. We focus on prioritizing marketing spend across geographies and products, defining the right messages for your customers, and finding the optimal mix of vehicles among today’s wide variety of media types. Our experience conducting complex marketing and sales transformations helps clients get things in the right order to build the capabilities they need in a coordinated and sustainable way.


Our full day Brand workshop is designed to harness the team’s unique perspective of the current brand identity and future goals. Working closely with your in-house team and senior leadership (board) we deliver in depth brand reporting. We will start by looking at the existing brand profile, market position, messaging, proposition and identity and this acts as the main theory behind any brand strategy, positioning and collateral.

  • Interview key stakeholders to help create a road map for the creative direction and garner consensus among stakeholders
  • Review of any recent research and previous interviews
  • Client and partner interviews
  • Review of competitive landscape (peers and aspirants)
  • Establish brand differentiators
  • Identify key voice, messaging points and brand attributes to bring the position to life.
  • Identify a media and content strategy with a completed framework (doesn’t include content, exact media plan)

Working closely with client teams, The Inspira Agency will develop a “Launch” Brief that outlines the proposed Scope of Work (SOW) Development recommendations. This brief will outline strategic imperatives, objectives, KPIs, costs and timelines, serving as a roadmap for activation and engagement. The Inspira Agency will develop marketing materials to accomplish our predefined goals in a creative, original and engaging fashion.

Our creative services include a wide variety of solutions to enhance and nurture your brand, including style guides, logo design, packaging design, and print assets. Whether you’re a consumer or retail brand, an established corporate brand, or a challenger brand, our objective is always effectiveness and our strategy is extraordinary design. To be truly effective, we design experiences – using the latest advances in technology – that make a connection at an emotional level, drive the behavior to create change, and deliver a real impact.

Maintaining a strong brand means striking the right balance between continuity and change. Tapping customers’ perceptions and beliefs often uncovers the true meaning of a brand. When you’re immersed in the day-to-day management of a brand, it’s not easy to keep in perspective all the parts that affect the whole. We identify the ten characteristics that matter most to brand success and construct a brand report card—a systematic way for business owners and stakeholders to to grade their brand’s performance for each of those characteristics. The brand scorecard will help to identify areas that need improvement, recognize areas in which your brand is strong, and learn more about how your brand is configured.

  • Delivering the benefits customers’ truly desire
  • Brand Relevancy
  • Pricing strategy based on consumers’ perceived value
  • Brand Properly Positioned
  • Brand Consistency
  • Brand Portfolio and Hierarchy
  • Building Equity through Marketing Activities
  • Employees’ Understand what the brand means to consumers
  • Brand provided proper sustained support
  • Monitor Sources of Brand Equity

Your brand is a combination of a customer’s experiences with your business at every touchpoint. Built by the sum of all interactions between product, service, company and its key stakeholders. It is a relationship based on past experience and future expectations, defined by both functional and emotional benefits. Inspira will guide client teams through our assessment and planning process (known as “Blueprinting”) to Discover and Define areas in which the brand can and needs to improve upon. Our areas of assessment include Internal, External, and a close look at company infrastructure.

  • Create Framework – Mission & Strategic Objectives
  • Conduct Interviews Internal and with Customers
  • Review Web Analytics & Social Data
  • Review Current Marketing Content & Assets
  • Review Sales Data
  • Competitor Evaluation
  • Formulate Strategic Action and Monitor Results

Our findings will serve as a foundation in aligning the brand to better empower your business to build a sustainable brand presence that is engaging, effective and efficient. This includes developing a strategic outline based on understanding your place in the market compared to the competition and customer expectations.


Much of today’s customer journey occurs in the digital realm. From your website, social, e-commerce, mobile, and more, it’s critical that businesses develop a well thought-out strategic vision to maximize these opportunities. We begin by developing a deep understanding of your customers and the unique challenges and capabilities of your business and your organization. Then we develop targeted business strategies to ensure that the right skills, processes, technology, and governance are in place, along with data to measure and optimize.

The importance of digital marketing for EVERY company cannot be overstated. In the past year consumer habits changed dramatically. Every business, no matter what stage of development it’s in, needs a c-suite level expert to orchestrate and organize its full-funnel digital marketing efforts. We design appropriate business models and map development pathways for new opportunities by combining insights from digital with an integrated customer experience approach.

Media and public relations audits provide a snapshot of your brand’s presence in business, vertical and consumer media, along with the primary messages being published. It provides benchmarks and opportunities for targeting additional topics or outlets. The performance and cost of the media is compared against various industry benchmarks and analytics to determine the best ROI.

  • Coverage Volume
  • Coverage Sentiment
  • Share of Voice vs. Competition
  • Executive Visibility
  • Executive Messaging
  • Analyst Commentary
  • Customer and Influencer Commentary
  • Top Writers & Media Outlets
  • Underperforming Writers & Media Outlets

Media & Public Relations Strategy Recommendations Should Include:

  • Media outlets and specific writers to target
  • Topics to target for greater visibility
  • Ways to improve executive visibility and control of message
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